How Massage Therapy Works

So, what can massage therapy do for you?

Massage therapy is an effective, safe, drug-free, non-surgical treatment for many, many conditions.

It is a powerful form of “manual medicine” that has been used for thousands of years and proven effective by modern science. One powerful aspect of massage therapy is that it is applied one-on-one, in a completely specific way for the very uniquely specific needs and presentation of the individual being treated, with the therapist completely present and engaged in a form of physical dialog with the patient’s tissue.

Each person’s situation is unique so although it is impossible to explain what will be needed for each person and each situation, here are some of the common ways massage therapy works….Here are some of the most important ways that massage therapy care can improve your health and quality of life.

Relieve or Reduce Pain

Pain is a complex entity, so depending upon the exact cause of a person’s unique pain, massage therapy may reduce or completely relieve the discomfort being experienced.

This can be done by relieving tight structures (muscles, fascia, etc.), restoring proper motion to joints, re-balancing posture, treating trigger points, reducing swelling (in acute injuries), and restoring proper circulation to an area.

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