Testimonials/ Patient feedback

“I see Megan once a week for a massage. Not only does this one hour a week make me acutely aware of my body it also is an hour that allows me to rest my mind. I believe and also know that for me the massage relieves me of the “toxic atmosphere” that inches it’s way into my being. I feel better physically and emotionally when I am having massage on a weekly basis. This is truly “therapeutic” in my experience.

Megan has also treated my family members for specific injuries and they have found full recovery under her care.”

– Jane Leece


“I was always skeptical about going to massage therapy and have always gone to physio. I never did massage due to cost and I was uncomfortable but now I am addicted. Megan you are fabulous and have helped me control my pain. My fibromyalgia and deep tissue issues have gotten better, I am more optimistic and feeling stronger. I rely on these sessions so much when I am in pain. You have great technique and really get deep into the problem and take the time to work it out and get blood flow into all the right places. I am going to miss you so much when I move! I will continue with massage now for years to come!”

– Amanda Cosburn

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