What to Expect at Your First Massage Appointment

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What to Expect At Your First Massage Appointment   

So you’ve booked the appointment and now the exciting day has arrived for your first massage therapy treatment. Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect:

Before Your Massage

Please try to arrive at the clinic five to ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out the necessary paperwork so your appointment can begin on time. On the forms we will ask you for such information as your Care Card number (for billings to MSP), any medications you may be taking, any injuries or surgeries you may have had, and your goals for treatment. If you have extended health coverage, please bring this information with you as well.

If you are receiving treatment for a WCB or ICBC claim, you may be required to bring in a doctor’s note and your claim information.

Before your massage, I will go over your health history and intake forms with you, clarifying any necessary information.   Then I will recommend a treatment for your specific goals and answer any questions you may have.

After this, I will give you instructions for getting on the massage table. Then I will leave the room and allow you to undress to your comfort level and get between the sheets on the massage table. Most people undress to their underwear.

During Your Massage

Once you are comfortably settled on the table, I will knock on the door before coming into the room. Only the area of your body being treated will be uncovered at any particular time. For your comfort I also have an electric heating pad to keep you nice and warm throughout the treatment as needed.

Please remember that this is your massage and your comfort is of the utmost importance. As a massage therapist, we can feel an awful lot with our hands but we are not mind readers. I will check in with you periodically throughout the treatment, but please speak up if you ever want to change your treatment (more or less pressure or heat, a different area, etc.)

After Your Massage

After the treatment has ended, I will leave the room and allow you to redress. I will ask you to leave the door ajar when you are ready, and then I will come back into the room to discuss your treatment plan, homecare, and any remaining questions you may have.

You may feel a bit sore (like you have had a good workout) for a day or two after a massage. This is normal. I generally recommend that people rest (avoiding vigorous activity or stretching) for about 24 hours after receiving a massage to let the body adjust to the work that has been done. It is also important to stay warm and hydrated after a massage.

All that’s left to do next is for you to enjoy the feeling of your newly massaged self!


Next week…

I’ll get into the topic of massage therapy and pain, answering the frequently asked question, “Does Massage Need to be Painful?”

Please feel free to send any questions or comments you may have to megan.fredheim@gmail.com

Have a great week!


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